Agile board

Please bear in mind that this feature is not available for team-managed projects in Jira Cloud.

With Multiple Checklist for Jira, it is possible to follow the checklists' items progress directly on Agile boards without entering the ticket.


To add Multiple Checklist for Jira - Progress field to the card displayed on the Agile board go to board settings, choose Card layout, and from the dropdown list select Checklist for Jira - Progress and click add.


Now, go to your board, you'll see the Multiple Checklist - Progress is displayed on the cards with added checklists, indicating the number of done items to all checklist items. The field be automatically updated.


Note: on Jira Server, you might need to add new context to Multiple Checklists for Jira - Progress field before you will be able to select it in the Agile board settings. If you cannot see “Multiple Checklists for Jira - Progress” option, go to Jira Settings → Issues → FIELDS → Custom Fields, find Multiple Checklists for Jira - Progress field in the list and then click menu on the right, select configure, and then ‘Add new context’.