Sprint completion rate


Sprint completion rate is an insight which shows percentage value of completion for your Jira sprints.

How we show it?

This insight supports two ways of displaying data - Total and History (learn more about this here). Sprint completion rate calculation can be based on three different metrics chosen by user: number of issues, story points and time estimated. In the table on the right side you can see commitment and completed values for each sprint. The bottom row shows Total value which takes into consideration all tickets from sprints above.


In total graph there is a percentage value of completion from all sprints from the selected date range and project. 

Clicking either on the graph bar or the data table will show issues included in the selected sprint in the Jira issue viewer.


The history graph shows the bar for each sprint representing percentage value of completion rate. Bars in the graph are sorted by sprint start date.

Clicking on a graph bar will show issues included in that sprint.