1.2.0 -- Release notes 25.05.2020

Good news! QAlity – Test Management for Jira team have just released a new version of our app. Since you use Jira Cloud, you don’t have to do anything to start enjoying the benefits of our latest updates, fixes, and improvements! Your app will automatically update within the next few hours, all set and ready to go.

New features:

Creating Test cycles, adding and executing test cases in a given test cycle

It’s now possible to group your Test Cases into cycles. You can then execute Test Cases Ad hoc (without test cycle) or in a selected Test cycle.

Viewing Test cycles detailed information

It’s now possible to view detailed information of the test cycle, such as which test cases are included in test cycle, which were executed, results of the execution etc. This allows easier sharing of the work that needs to be done and reporting.



Enabling and disabling QAlity in selected projects

As a Jira admin you can define which projects have the QAlity app enabled.


Fixed Bugs:

  • Test cases were not displayed in issue if they're linked in the test case issue type

  • It was not possible to execute Test cases with names with longer name (more than 255 characters)

  • When additional fields were required it was not possible to create Test case inside Issue

  • In some cases Test case execution was disabled


Cool, isn’t it? If you need any help getting started, our service desk experts will gladly assist with any questions or issues you might have!