1.4.0 -- Release notes 01.07.2020

Good news! QAlity – Test Management for Jira team have just released a new version of our app. Since you use Jira Cloud, you don’t have to do anything to start enjoying the benefits of our latest updates, fixes, and improvements! Your app will automatically update within the next few hours, all set and ready to go.

New features:

Clone and delete test cycle

You can now clone or delete test cycle from test cycle page or test cycles overview page.


You can now search for test cycles by project, version and name


You can now delete test executions

You can do it in test case execution history page by clicking a menu icon next to execution you want to delete.


You can now add test case to test cycle from test cycle page

When you enter a test cycle details page and enter test cases tab you will see a button that will open a modal from which you can select a test case to add to test cycle. This test case must be from the same project and be of Test case issue type.


Executed by

When someone change the status of a test execution to passed or failed he will be saved as the person who made this execution. You can preview it in execution history or in execution screen.


You can now add attachments to test executions

During test execution you can now now add attachments. This functionality is the same as adding attachments to test case.



Design improvements to test execution screen.

Test case data is now separated from execution information.


You can now use markdown in test steps test fields

It’s possible now to use bold etc in fields like test step, result, comment.


New test step status: BLOCKED

You can set test step or whole execution status as Blocked.


Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed a bug where wrong permission was checked while creating a test cycle - edit issue instead of create issue.

  • Fixed a bug where test cycles from projects with disabled QAlity were displayed.

  • Fixed a bug where a test cycle could be created in a project with disabled QAlity.

  • Fixed a bug where test cycles were not loading - problem with certain version of PostgreSQL.

Cool, isn’t it? If you need any help getting started, our service desk experts will gladly assist with any questions or issues you might have!