1.6.0 -- Release notes 11.05.2021

Good news! QAlity – Test Management for Jira team has just released a new version, and since you use Jira Server you can decide to upgrade at any time! All that is needed is a click of a button in the Apps management screen on your instance!

New Features:

  • We’ve added the ability to easily access the test case description (Jira issue description of QAlity Test) in test execution so you can use the issue description field to put there relevant information needed during the execution of the test case, such as preconditions or requirements to execute the test case.

  • It’s now possible to add multiple test cases to the test cycle at the same time:


  • Fixed a confusing function of the “add step” button. Now it will open the form to create a new step and will create a new step with provided data after clicking it again.

  • Test Execution screen now opens with a detailed view by default (previously simple view).


  • Fixed a bug when sometimes the test case was not created.

  • Fixed a problem when the app was not working correctly with disabled cookies.

  • Fixed a bug when a test execution report could not be generated when a deleted user previously executed a test case.

Cool, isn’t it? If you need any help getting started, our service desk experts will gladly assist with any questions or issues you might have!