1.11.0 -- Release notes 22.04.2022

Good news! QAlity Plus – Test Management for the Jira team has just released a new version, and since you use Jira Server you can decide to upgrade at any time! All that is needed is a click of a button in the Apps management screen on your instance!

New Features::

  • As a new QAlity customer I'd like to have better information on the first steps on the QAlity dashboard in the help panel


  • As a QAlity user with QAlity all set up, I wouldn't like to have onboarding opened by default

  • Enabled spellcheck in QAlity inputs like steps, execution comments, etc.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed the problem where Test Case was executed ad-hoc instead of in Test Cycle.


Cool, isn’t it? If you need any help getting started, our service desk experts will gladly assist with any questions or issues you might have!