1.16.5 -- Release notes 05.09.2023

Good news! QAlity Plus – Test Management for the Jira team has just released a new version, and since you use Jira Server you can decide to upgrade at any time! All that is needed is a click of a button in the Apps management screen on your instance!


  • Bulk set execution assignee - improved working with a large number of test cases in the test cycle by allowing users to set execution assignees for many test cases at once.

  • Test case in cycle search - browse through test cases in cycle faster by using our new text field search.


  • The error page while sorting test cases in the test cycle on older browsers no longer shows up

  • On Mozilla Firefox, refreshing the page while navigating between test case executions no longer redirects us to the previous page.

  • We removed unnecessary request calls on the test cycle page improving performance.

  • We removed the possibility of pressing the Generate Report button multiple times before showing the report on the Test Execution Report Page, which no longer causes unnecessary request calls.


Cool, isn’t it? If you need any help getting started, our service desk experts will gladly assist with any questions or issues you might have!