Checklist validation

With Multiple Checklists for Jira, you can enforce that all checklist items are checked off or that all items have status set before a status transition is allowed. This can be configured by Jira’s global administrator by editing the workflow.

You can access the Workflow settings from Jira or project settings.


Click the edit action at the workflow you want to modify. Then choose the transition you want to add a validator to and choose Validators.



Click Add validator, select All checklist items are checked, and click Add


Then specify which checklist will be considered by this validator by providing the checklist’s name or leave empty to apply to all checklists.


You can also select our second validator: All checklist items have status set, and click Add.


Similarly to the previous validator provide a name of the checklist or leave it empty if you want the validator to work for all checklists in the issue.

The final step is to Publish Draft, without this step your workflow with added validator will not be active.


From now on, the transition will require that all checklists items are checked and an error message will be displayed informing that all items in the checklist need to be completed before this operation is possible.

If checklists are disabled in the project or in issue type, the validation will not be used.