As a Jira administrator, you can restrict access to Worklogs depending on your needs. By default, all users have access and everyone can see all worklogs. If you want to change these permissions, simply go to Jira Setting → Apps → Worklogs – Time Tracking → Worklogs Permissions.

Firstly, you can select users or groups Who can access and use Worklogs. Just toggle the switch off and choose users or groups. If you don't select anyone – no one will be able to see or use Worklogs. Users that are not selected here will not be able to enter the Worklogs page and will not see the link to the Worklogs page.


Similarly, you can also select Who can see other users Worklogs. By default, all users can do that. If you switch the option off, only users and groups selected will have access to view other’s users logged time. Users that are not on the list will still have access to Worklogs, but they will only see their own time.