Agile Dashboard for Project Management - Installation Guide

Agile Dashboard for Project Management app is a set of gadgets that can help point out problematic tickets, notify about discovered issues and help with fixing them. They can also display team's most active tickets based on a number of criteria and count the reliability rating of the estimates. In order to start using the widgets, all you have to do is add them to one of your existing dashboard or create a new dashboard and add them there.

To create a dashboard, go to your dashboards view and select Create dashboard from the options menu in the top-right corner. Alternatively you can also Copy dashboard, which will create a new dashboard based on the dashboard that you are currently viewing (rather than a blank one).

Once the dashboard is created, you can add gadgets.

All that remains is finding Agile Dashboard for Project Management gadgets and adding them to the dashboard. You will be able to recognize the gadgets by the logo:

The gadgets are:

Hot Tickets

Problematic Tickets

Team Reliability Rating