Team Reliability Rating gadget

Team reliability rating is capable of determining how good the team is doing at keeping the estimates. By default, it takes into consideration tickets from the last four weeks, but it can be adjusted in the gadget configuration. The reliability rating is displayed as a percentage representing kept estimates. The reliability is 100% if all tickets had estimates set and all estimates were kept. Each problem reduces the reliability based on the severity. In case the reliability is lower than 100% the gadget displays all issues that impacted the reliability.

The reliability is impacted by the following factors:

  • Lack of estimation (only if time is logged)
  • Exceeded estimates by: days/hours/minutes
  • Ticket that are past due date
  • Long time since last update in ticket

If you are dashboard administrator, you can also configure which rules and how will impact reliability rating. Learn how to configure Team Reliability Rating.

Changes over time

Changes over time mode allow you to see what was the reliability of the estimates for some period of time divided into weeks or months. You can change the date range in the dashboard configuration.


The average mode allows you to see the average reliability of the estimates for some period of time. You can change the date range in the dashboard configuration.

In this view, you can also see a list of all problematic issues with reasons. The reasons are presented as icons. Click the icon to get a detailed description of the problem containing an explanation of why we consider the given issue a problem, how to fix it and get some useful tips and materials. You can fix some of the issues thanks to Quick Fix module (Cloud only)

If reliability is 100%, there will be the following message: