Hot Tickets gadget

This gadget displays the tickets that are or were the most active in the selected time period. Each ticket has its hotness calculated based on the activity in that ticket during the selected time. The hotness value ranges from 0 to 100 and takes into account a number of criteria. The projects, users and time period to take into consideration during calculations can be set in the Hot Tickets configurationBy default, it takes into consideration tickets from the last week

The following criteria are considered when calculating hotness:

  • number of added comments
  • number of added worklogs
  • number of status changes
  • sum of logged time

If you are dashboard administrator, you can also configure what impact for ticket hotness each criterion will have. Learn how to configure Hot Tickets.

The gadget calculates the relative hotness for each ticket based on the above criteria and displays them to the user, sorted by the most active ones. A hotness score is also displayed next to the ticket that exceeded hotness score of 50.

Sample gadget view:

If there are no hot tickets, there will be the following message: