Quick start

Before you start using QAlity – Test Management for Jira, you need to add the QAlity Test issue type to the projects where you want to use the app. Bear in mind, this action requires admin permission.

In the company-managed project simply go to Project settings and select Issue types. Then choose action > edit issue types and add QAlity Test to your Current Schema.

When using team-managed projects, add the issue type yourself

If you're using team-managed projects, you'll need to add this issue type manually. Select Project setting go to Issue types, click Add issue type and click Create issue type. Name the issue: QAlity Test and click Create and you’re ready to go.


Test case definitions are available in the Jira issue view by default

When QAlity is installed and the Test case issue type is properly configured in the project, the test case definition will be automatically displayed directly in the Jira issue. If you are using a new Jira issue UI you might need to click the QAlity button first.