Jira and project administrators can configure various aspects of QAlity in their projects. This can be done via Jira SettingsAppsQAlitySettings. All of the available options are explained below.

QAlity settings page


Enable QAlity in project - this is the main setting controlling whether QAlity is enabled for the given project. When disabled, QAlity will not show any data for the given project at all, including Jira issues, project filters in reports, project links, etc. It’s as if QAlity did not exist for the given project at all. Project administrators can control this setting.

Most of the QAlity data appears or disappears immediately after switching the toggle on or off, but for some of the links in the project it may take up to one day to show or hide them effectively.


App visibility in all issues - this setting controls whether the QAlity panel is displayed inside every Jira issues. The QAlity panel allows you to add, link, and manage tests inside every Jira issue. When disabled, the QAlity panel will be only displayed inside Jira issues of the dedicated issue type - QAlity Test, which is the representation of the test case. Project administrators can control this setting.

QAlity Plus panel inside the regular Jira issue


Enable QAlity Plus issue type - QAlity stores test cases inside special Jira issues of the type QAlity Test. This issue type is created automatically when you install QAlity on your Jira instance, however, it needs to be added to the project by the Jira administrator in order to be visible and available for that project. Jira administrators can simply toggle the switch on the QAlity settings page to add the necessary issue type to the project, or they can do so via an edition of the issue type scheme assigned to the given project.

The QAlity Test issue type is required for QAlity to work properly. If you want to use QAlity in the given project, make sure the issue type is available!

Jira administrators can control this setting.

Please note that if multiple projects share the same issue type scheme, enabling the issue type for one of those projects will enable it for all of them.



QAlity in your future projects


Besides configuring QAlity settings per project, Jira administrators can also configure the default options for newly created projects on the Jira instance.

QAlity settings for future projects


Those settings have no effect on existing projects. For newly created projects, the settings will be automatically set to whatever the default for the future projects is set.

Enable QAlity in your future projects controls whether new projects will have Enable QAlity in project option enabled or disabled.

Enable QAlity visibility in all issues in your future projects controls whether new projects will have App visibility in all issues option enabled.

Default addition of the issue type QAlity Test cannot be configured via settings.