Traceability Report [PLUS]

This feature is available in QAlity Plus - Test Management for Jira exclusively.


Traceability Report allows you to track the connection among the tests, test executions, and bugs over the selected time period, and in a selected project. This effectively helps you assess the condition of the system you are testing and areas that might require special attention.

To view the Traceability Report click on the Reports links in the Jira project menu and find the Test Traceability Report, in the “Other” section. You will also find the Traceability Report by going to Apps → QAlity page.

Here, you’ll find all of the test cases from the selected project along with useful information, such as how many times a test case was executed, what the result of the latest execution was, and bugs that were created while executing the test case in the selected date range. You can also check the linked bugs by expanding the list to see the issues' status.


Traceability Report


Currently, it’s possible to filter by active test cases. This means, that only test cases without resolution will be displayed.


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